An Overview of Escapements
Aug 12 @ 7:30 pm – 8:30 pm

Speaker: Jon Weber has been member of the NAWCC since 1972 and has been a member of several chapters. He has a PhD in experimental solid state physics. He took two courses at the NAWCC school of watchmaking when it was in operation. He has worked in government labs, commercial sales and military systems engineering. He has several patents on military related systems. He is interested in both watches and clocks. His watch interests include repair tools and watches that shows developments in watchmaking. His clock interests are in precision time keeping and pendulum stability. He is currently a board member of Chapter 8 and assists on the NAWCC message board.

Description: This webinar is a top down view of the escapement beginning with a description and a review of what an escapement does and how it distinguishes different types of timekeepers. The theme is that all escapements have three things:
1) They unlock the power that drives the timepiece
2) They apply power to the timekeeping element
3) They re-lock the power source

It includes examples of various escapements showing them operating in slow motion and how each performs the three functions of an escapement.

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