New England Chapter No. 8 NAWCC

Meeting Highlights by Dick Trepp

Johnson &Wales Inn, Seekonk MA

About 250 members were registered, and the mart featured 54 tables set up in two rooms. The luncheon included the annual meeting of Chapter 8. A revised 1977 Constitution & By-Laws edition was up-dated and approved. Elected unanimously for the next two years were:President, Dave Deutermann; 1st VP, Burt Kassap: 2ndVP, Harold Lincoln; Treasurer, Wayne Paskerian; and Secretary, Dick Trepp. Ron Hunt, Larry Chelmow, and Joe Brown were chosen for four-year terms as Directors. Dave Deuterman presented a plaque of appreciation to out going President Bob Frishman. Bob served as 1st VP and then as President from 1999-2003.

As it turned out, all the programs were devoted to the aesthetics of clocks and watches. Burt Kassap, speaking on Clock Case Restoration for Beginner and Hobbyist, presented the first program.

Incoming President, Dave Deutermann, introducing the workshop speakers to a packed meeting room. 2nd VP, Burt Kassap, a recently retired Civil Engineer from the "Big Dig," presented Clock Case Restoration for Beginner and Hobbyist

Burt set up 3 tables with clocks he had refinished and a good sampling of the materials he used. A printed handout was given to the 90 plus members who attended the lecture. This was not a "how to do it" talk, but rather a very entertaining presentation on what can be done with the clocks you find at most marts by people with average skills. Kassap was careful to point out that this was restoration work-to return the piece to its original look using materials and technology in practice at the time of manufacture. Burt recommended that restorers try to find an original picture or catalogue sketch of the clock. Then check the major suppliers for parts that are missing. There area great deal of clock parts available. Again, he cautioned the audience-be practical- this is not rocket science. While you may not end up with a museum piece, you can certainly have an attractive clock for your collection (or sale) with a modest amount of effort at an affordable price. Good news for these times!

Gerrit Nijssen gave a presentation on the O'Hara Dial Company.
Outgoing President, Bob Frishman, gave a fun luncheon talk on The Color of Time.

Chapter 8 member, Gerrit Nijssen, a watch collector with a bent for research, gave a slide program on the O'Hara-Waltham Dial Company of Waltham, MA. This was a company in business from 1890 to 1926. During its existence it had many name changes with many variations using Waltham, watch, and dial in the name. Gerrit showed pictures of the factory and methods and machinery used to manufacture beautiful enameled porcelain watch dials. This company was not part of the Waltham Watch Co. However, they did sell them dials as well as to other major watch manufactures. About 1912, O'Hara died and the dial business also began to decline. The company switched to other porcelain products, all high quality and beautifully enameled, such as belt buckles, buttons, and meter dials.

And finally, as luncheon speaker, outgoing President Bob Frishman, had the last word. Bob, speaking about the Colors of Time, presented a fine slide show of a huge variety of clocks he has worked on, owned, or seen. His whole objective was to illustrate the wide use of color on all types of clock cases, glasses, and dials. These decorative finishes were used to enhance not only the beauty, but probably the sale of those clocks.

--- Dick Trepp

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Johnson &Wales Inn, Seekonk MA

Directions to Johnson & Wales Inn, Seekonk, MA. Pickup 195 in Providence off I-95.
From Interstate195E: Take exit 1 in MA. From there take a left onto Rte 114A and continue to the junction of Rte 44 and turn right onto 44. The Johnson & Wales Inn is located a few hundred yards ahead on your right.
From Interstate 195W: Take Exit 1 in MA and proceed as above.

Registrations by January 6, 2003 are $19.
Registrations received after January 6, 2003 and "walk-ins" will be $25.
As always, registration includes your luncheon and is required for participation in any of the meeting activities.

7:30 AM Registration name tags available for those members who preregistered.
Registration table open for "walk-ins".
8:00 AM Mart area open for setup by table holders only.
As soon as set up is organized, Mart will open to members—but no later then 8:30 A.M.
8:30 AM Mart open with closing at 11:30 A.M. for 12:00 Noon Luncheon.
Silent Auction Table will run from 8:30 to 10:30A.M.
9:30 AM Workshop: Clock Case Restoration for Beginner and Hobbyist: Burt Kassap, a recently retired Civil Engineer from the "Big Dig," and currently our 2nd VP, will present a workshop on various types of case repair, materials and sources of supply Burt is also a Certified Clockmaker from the AWI and holds memberships in many horological organizations.
10:45 AM Workshop: To Be Announced.
11:30 Break for Lunch
Luncheon Speaker: We are pleased to start off the new year with Snowden Taylor, presenting a talk about The Clocks of Mark Leavenworth. Snowden is a nationally known speaker, author, and expert, particularly in wooden and brass clock movements. He is known to most of you as the editor of the Research Activities and News pages in each Bulletin, based on material he gathers as Chairman of the Research Committee (since 1981) for the NAWCC. Snowden is now retired from Stevens Institute of Technology, where he was a Professor of Physics.

Silent Auction Table will run from 8:30to 10:30A.M.
There is a flat fee of $3.00 per item, multiple items for one bid to count as one item. The charge is collected in advance. It applies regardless of whether item sells or not. We hope you find that this is an easy way to sell just a few items.

Raffle Reminder:
The 50-50 raffle tickets, (50% to winner and 50% to Chapter 8) are available at the Registration Table and the Auction Table in the mart.

President's Message
It's hard to believe that my 2-year term as Chapter President is ending so soon, but I'm happy to hand the reigns to our First VP, Dave Deutermann. He's taking charge of one of NAWCC's biggest and most active chapters......I hope to move ahead as a National Director. Please consider voting for me when your ballot arrives…. Also, for the first time in a long while, this would give New England a voice at National…... Another of our familiar members, Tom McIntyre, is running for the 2nd VP position. I hope you will consider him, too..... . Our Council has been working hard to update and clarify the Chapter bylaws and constitution. You will be asked to approve these changes, along with the new slate of officers, at the January meeting. Any member interested in reviewing the changes can obtain a copy from our Secretary.....We recently lost one of our hardworking directors, John Lelievre, after a struggle with cancer. John's memory will inspire us all, and he was honored by the Charles River Museum of Industry which has named their library for him in gratitude for the years he spent as a volunteer there...... Thanks to all of you for the help and support I've received during my time as president. It has been fun and an honor to serve you.
- Bob Frishman

Election of Officers (for 2 years) and Directors (for 4 years)
Current Slate of Officers and Directors to be nominated at this meeting:
President-Dave Deutermann Treasurer-Wayne Paskerian Director-Larry Chelmow
1st VP Burt Kassap Secretary- Dick Trepp Director- Joe Brown
2nd VP Harold Lincoln   Director- Ron Hunt
Note: Nominations may also be made from the floor at the meeting.

Suitcase Clock Repair Courses
Ron Hunt, a new director of Chapter 8, will handle the NAWCC Suitcase Program. If you are interested, contact Ron at a meeting or call him at 978- 369-5629. Contact by E-mail is

Computer Users
For an interesting horological site, try Meadows & Passmore in Great Britain This site is run by a supply house and is packed with information

Schedule of Events for 2003 (We have had many requests for some Sunday meetings-and we are trying to schedule some-but a lot depends on what dates are available at the meeting places)
Saturday -- Mar 29th  Worcester Holiday Inn, Worcester, MA.
Saturday -- May 10th  Special Event-Joint meeting with Chapters 2, 84, and 148 at Timexpo Waterbury, CT.
Saturday -- June 7th  Willard House Workshop, Grafton, MA.
Date not confirmed  Picnic,
Sunday -- Oct 26th  Worcester Holiday Inn, Worcester MA.
Date not confirmed  Educational Symposium.

Chapter Contacts:
If you any of you have a question or wish to contact someone in the chapter, get in touch with any of these four and they will get your message to the right person if they cannot help you.

President Bob Frishman
53 Poor St., Andover MA 01810

1st Vice Pres Dave Deutemiam
81 Kingman St., Lakeville, MA 02347

Treasurer Wayne Paskerian
5 Warren St., Winchester, MA 01890

Secretary Dick Trepp
573 Longmeadow St., Longmeadow, MA 01106


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