New England Chapter No. 8 NAWCC

Early Summer Meeting, Saturday, June 12, 2004
Johnson &Wales Inn, Seekonk MA

Highlights by Mal Greene

A marvelous Spring day along with Dave Deutermann, chapter president, greeted the 150 that attended; including many from out of state.

Thanks go out to Wayne Kasperian, treasurer, and those that helped with the registrations and table assignments. Burt Kassap, 1st v.p., once again was able to get three notable speakers for our seminars and luncheon speaker. Harold Lincoln, 2nd v.p., assured us of a fine meal provided by the culinary arts staff.

Frank Menes and others set up and ran another "Silent Auction" table. The $3.00 per item fee is a real bargain for those with one or a few items to sell and don’t require a full table. It also allows the freedom to mingle, shop, and attend workshops. Such a deal! Everyone should bring at least one item. It’s fun and can pay off.

Our first workshop, "Pocket Watch Repairs and Adjustments", was provided by "our own" Joe Brown. Joe is a former Chapter 8 President, NAWCC Fellow, AWI Certified clockmaker, Corporator, Trustee and conservator of clocks at the Willard House & Clock Museum among many other titles and positions in horology. A notable craftsman and educator, as well. He delighted more than 40 attendees and provided ample handouts.

Next was a very interesting workshop "The Thermometer Man". Richard Porter, former science teacher and curator of the "World’s Only Thermometer Museum" in Onset, Mass. Author and lecturer, Ripley's Thermometer Man, and Guinness Record Holder, charmed the audience with his devices and tales involving thermometers.

A terrific noon luncheon in the main dining room was followed by a very professionally prepared program "Bridges of Middlesex County" by Tom McIntyre. Tom is past president of Chapter 87, Pocket Horology Chapter 174 and current VP of the NAWCC. He is also noted for his personal collection. He explained, illustrated, and displayed examples of the intricate changes in pocket watch bridges that distinguish differences between Waltham, Howard and Keystone watches. Great job Tom.

Throughout the morning hours the 30 full tables and 12 half tables of the MART kept many swapping and selling clocks, watches, books, supplies and parts.

All in all, a day well spent.

A personal note, a hidden value, missed by those that don’t attend is the camaraderie, humor, socialization and networking we all need and enjoy. SO, make it a priority to join us at future gatherings.

We sure would enjoy your participation.

-- Mal

* * *

Directions to Johnson & Wales Inn, Seekonk, MA. Pickup 195 in Providence off I-95.
From Interstate195E: Take exit 1 in MA. From there take a left onto Rte 114A and continue to the junction of Rte 44 and turn right onto 44. The Johnson & Wales Inn is located a few hundred yards ahead on your right.
From Interstate 195W: Take Exit 1 in MA and proceed as above.

Registrations by June 7, 2004 are $19.
Registrations received after June 7, 2004 and "walk-ins" will be $25.
Registration includes your luncheon and is required for participation in any of the meeting activities.

7:30 AM Registration name tags available for those members who preregistered.
Registration table open for "walk-ins". Mart area open for setup by table holders only.
8:00 AM Mart open; with closing at 11:45 A.M. for 12:00 Noon Luncheon.
8:30 AM Silent Auction Table will run from 8:30 to 10:15A.M.
a slide presentation and workshop on basic watch repairs and adjustments and the associated tools used by the watchmaker will be given by Joe Brown. Joe is a former Chapter 8 President, NAWCC Fellow, AWI Certified Clockmaker, Corporator, Trustee and past conservator of clocks at Willard House & Clock Museum, Trustee of Charles River Museum of Industry, Past President and Secretary of the Grtr. Boston Watch & Clock Collectors.
10:15 AM Silent auction closes along with sale of raffle tickets. Buyers and sellers should meet and settle up at this time.
10:30 AM Richard Porter - "THE THERMOMETER MAN":
Richard Porter's presentation will feature several dozen devices from the areas of science, advertising, antiques, weather, food, and health and the history of thermometers. Richard Porter, BS in ED, EdM CAGS, former science teacher, retired, and now the curator of the Worlds only Thermometer Museum in Onset, MA. Author and lecturer, Ripley's "Thermometer Man" and Guinness Record Holder. Membership in over 50 educational, environmental and technical groups. Members are encouraged to bring in any horological items that contain thermometers for discussion and display.
11:45 Break for Lunch, Mart closes (a watchman for Mart will be provided).
12:00 Luncheon Program:
Tom McIntyre presents a talk about the relationship between the Waltham Watch Co. and the final days of E Howard & Co. and the startup of the E. Howard Watch Co., owned by the Keystone Watch Case Co. Tom is a past President of Chapter 87, Pocket Horology Chapter 174 and currently VP of the NAWCC. Tom is noted for exceptional collection of Barraud & Lund Watches, which he has featured at meetings in the past.

The Silent Auction table (8: 30 to 10:15) - enables you to sell a few items without the need for a table:

Fill out a slip at the table with your minimum price you will accept for the item. Members can then write in their bids during the course of the auction.

The cost to you as a seller is only $3.00 PER ITEM. The charge is payable in advance and applies whether item sells or not.

At the same table or at the registration table in the hall you can buy a ticket for the 50-50 raffle. YOU get 50% of the total pot and Chapter 8 benefits from the other half. $1.00 per ticket or three for $2.00.

Chapter Contacts:
If you any of you have a question or wish to contact someone in the chapter, get in touch with any of these people and they will get your message to the right person if they cannot help you.

President Dave Deutemiam
81 Kingman St., Lakeville, MA 02347

1st Vice Pres. Burt Kassap
112 Bullough Park, Newtonville, MA 02460

2nd Vice Pres. Harold Lincoln
5 Ringbolt Road, Hingham, MA 02043

Treasurer Wayne Paskerian
5 Warren St., Winchester, MA 01890

Secretary Mel Greene
Post Office Box 365, Tweksbury, MA 01876

Past President Bob Frishman
53 Poor St., Andover MA 01810

*   *   *


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