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Sturbridge Host Hotel, Sturbridge, MA

Highlights by Dick Trepp

The February 4th  Chapter 8 meeting was back at the Sturbridge Host Hotel in Sturbridge , MA . About 180 members and guests participated in a busy mart, three lectures,and the bi-annual election of officers and directors. The business meeting was conducted by outgoing president, Burt Kassap, during the overall meeting.

Ron Price

The first program, given by Chapter 8 member, Ron Price, "Identifying Waltham Model 57 Pocket Watch Movements By Their Characteristics" was really a recap of the highlights of an NAWCC monograph published by Ron last year (Origins of the Waltham Model 57). The Model 57 was the first successful industrial production of watches with machinery. Production began in 1857 and continued until 1879. Ron used overhead projections taken from his book to point out differences and key points to obtain this data. Ron also established a novel first for Chapter 8 speakers. His lecture and additional material can all be found on

John Rives

Our second program, "The Clocks of Newport" given by John Rives, was a smorgasbord of slides that showcased many of the fabulous and unusual clocks that are in the mansions of Newport RI. Most of these opulent houses are now museums open to the public. Along with clocks at the Preservation Society of Newport, the talk was a show and tell of these clocks by slides. John presented not only the clock exteriors but the movement features under the hood or inside the clock cases. A relative newcomer to the clock repair business, John is a walking and talking endorsement of the NAWCC School of Horology. He took all the clock courses at Columbia, starting in 2000 and, this former millwright, has now established himself in the Newport area as well as New England region. His Worcester, MA located business is known as "The Clockman."

A short business meeting was conducted by outgoing president, Burt Kassap, during lunch.. New Officers for the next two years are: President Larry Chelmow; 1st VP Peter Nunes; 2nd VP Harold Lincoln; Treasurer, Wayne Paskerian; and Secretary, Lester Tyrala. Burt Kassap will serve as Past President. Three directors were elected for four years: Steve Chatlas, Joe Brown, and Dave Deutermann. Also, and for the first time, a membership committee was created with Steve Chatlas as the lead person.

Our luncheon speaker was Dick Husher, the 1980 author of "A Study of Simon Willard's Clocks."

Dick Husher

Dick's slide lecture sought to demonstrate that Willard's commercially most successful wall-hanging clock designs evolved from adaptations of popular features found in contemporary European clock designs of that time. These designs, when combined with his own innovations such as the short weight drop, produced the unique case designs of his most successful wall and shelf clocks. The English bracket clock was cited as a probable source of the kidney-shaped door frame found on his Grafton wall clocks, while the bracket portion of the case was used as a concealed weight drop space. Likewise, European spring-powered clocks probably provided inspiration for the much smaller, simpler movement found in the Grafton models. The most famous American clock, the banjo clock, may have been inspired by the European wheel barometer case, as evidenced by their common 29-inch vertical dimension. Lastly, the short-lived Lighthouse clock, with its distinctive glass bell jar top, may have been derived from the popular skeleton clocks of that time.

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Directions (The hotel is located opposite Sturbridge Village on Route 20, Sturbridge MA):
From Massachusetts, take the Mass Pike (1-90) west to exit 9 to Rte 20 west through the lights to the Host Hotel on the right.
From Connecticut and New York, take 1-84 east to Rte 20 west in Sturbridge, through the lights to the Host Hotel on the right.
From Rhode Island, take Rte 146 north to Rte 20 west in Sturbridge, through the lights to the Host Hotel on the right.

Registrations for current dues paid members by January 27, 2007 are $20.
Registrations received after January 27, 2007, and "walk-ins" will be $25.
As always, registration includes your luncheon and is required for participation in any of the meeting activities.

7:30 AM Registration name tags available for those members who preregistered.
Registration table open for "walk-ins". Mart area open for set-up by table holders only.
8:00 AM Mart open; with closing at 11:45 A.M. for 12:00 Noon Luncheon.
(a watchman for Mart will be provided)
8:30 AM Silent Auction Table will run from 8:30 to 10:15A.M.
9:00 AM "Identifying Waltham Model 57 Pocket Watch Movements by Their Characteristics." Ron Price will demonstrate how to apply his research on the evolution of the Model 57 to recognize collectible features, fakes, private label movements, and unmarked movements.
Presentation is on web site.

Ron currently runs his own web site design business specializing in watch and clock sites. He is a member of NAWCC Chapters #8, #87 and #148, and is a member of the Greater Boston Watch & Clock Collectors and maintains their web sites. Also, he is a member of the American Watchmakers-Clockmakers Institute and its Massachusetts chapter, and built their web sites. Ron has been researching the "Origin of the Waltham Model 57" for nearly twenty years and has lectured many times on this subject.

10:30 AM "The Clocks of Newport" John Rives looks forward to sharing a slide show featuring fine pieces that he has repaired, which are located in the Newport, R.I. area. The clocks range from the 17th to 20th century in age and from America to Europe in origin.

John began his career at the NAWCC School of horology in January of 2000, and graduated from the school in February 2001. His clock career has led him up and down the East Coast with a number of customers residing in the Newport, R.I. area. He has been fortunate to have clocks come to him for restoration or repair ranging from the E. Howard tower clock at Worcester city hall to many fine pieces belonging to museums and individuals in central New England.

11:45 Mart closes
12:00 Noon Luncheon
12:30 Luncheon Program:

"Simon Willard's Lighthouse Clock"  Dick Husher will discuss certain aspects of the lighthouse clock. One goal of Simon Willard was to make small clocks having a short weight drop. His third version is recognized by many people as the banjo clock. The lighthouse clock was his fourth version, but it had a few problems, so that few were sold. Being a rare clock and being without guidance as to how Willard designed clocks, few people have been able to say much about the Lighthouse clock. After discovering that Willard's small clock cases were redesigned from popular European types, Dick will show how the Lighthouse clock evolved. Dick became a member of the NAWCC in 1954, and in 1980 he wrote and published the well-known book, "A Study of Simon Willard's Clocks."

The Silent Auction table (8: 30 to 10:15) - enables you to sell a few items without the need for a table:

Fill out a slip at the table with your minimum price you will accept for the item. Members can then write in their bids during the course of the auction.

The cost to you as a seller is only $3.00 PER ITEM. The charge is payable in advance and applies whether item sells or not (multiple items for one bid count as one item).

At at the auction table you can buy a ticket for the 50-50 raffle.


Welcome to our first meeting for the year 2007. I hope your response to our pre-registration notice will be enthusiastic. We have an excellent program of workshops and luncheon speakers, and what should be an interesting horological Mart and Silent Auction.

I am encouraging all of you to stay for and participate in the business portion of our lunch, and stay to hear our special luncheon speaker. This will be my last duty as President of the Chapter. The Board has recommended a new slate of Officers and your confirming votes will be greatly appreciated. Also, we will have a financial and membership report.

It has been an honor and privilege to serve you these past two years and I hope to continue to serve in whatever way that benefits the Chapter and NAWCC after my leaving office.

-- Burt Kassap

Workshop Topics:
If you would like to do a workshop presentation or have suggestions for future topics/presenters, please contact Peter Nunes. 401-789-6791 or by email: 

Chapter Contacts:
If you any of you have a question or wish to contact someone in the chapter, get in touch with any of these people and they will get your message to the right person if they cannot help you.

President Burton Kassap
112 Bullough Park, Newtonville, MA 02460

1st Vice Pres. VACANT

2nd Vice Pres. Harold Lincoln
5 Ringbolt Road, Hingham, MA 02043

Treasurer Wayne Paskerian
5 Warren St., Winchester, MA 01890

Secretary Lester Tyrala
28 Curtis St. Quincy, MA 02169

2005 Past President Dave Deutermann
81 Kingman St, Lakeville, MA 02347

2007 Director Joe Brown
7 Pheasant Ave. Sudbury, MA 01776

2007 Director Larry Chelmow
399 Chapman St., Canton, MA 02021

2007 Director Peter Nunes
4 Hopkins Lane, Peace Dale, RI 02879

2009 Director Frank Menez
2 Bernier St. Somersworth NH 03878

2009 Director Martin Cohen
21 Dunbarton Rd, Belmont, MA 02478

Associate Director Victor Kozakevich
44 Sherman St., Cambridge, MA 02138

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