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Highlights of the April 12, 1997, Meeting

by Brian Wilcox (see photos below)

Chapter Presidents and Members extend their deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Past President Myron Richard Cothern and member Joseph Rosienski.

The Spring Meeting was held at The Holiday Inn at Boxboro Woods MA. on April 5th 1997.

The planned program for the day consisted of two workshops and in place of the usual luncheon speaker, the format was changed to "A panel of Knowledge" moderated by Joe Brown.

Registration opened at 7.30A.M. The mart was opened at 8.30A.M. with 83 tables, a below average turnout for the tables, plus the usual Chapter table and an informational Willard house table hosted by John Stevens, the Curator at Willard House and Museum. The Chapter table was available for members with only one or two items for sale and featured a video workshop by Charlie Chaplin! But there were a great variety of Horological items on display in the mart and trade was good; with browsers looking for that elusive sleeper and lots of clock and watch talk. Some of the buyers I talked with said the prices were high and some sellers said the prices were low a typical mart.

Ms. Linda M.Abrams presented the first workshop on preservation, repair and the restoration of reverse painted glass. Linda demonstrated and discussed all aspects of her craft; with slides of her work " before and after" displaying spectacular improvements, with plenty of tips and hints. She discussed the correct ways and the wrong ways of restoration work. She explained the repair of cracked glass and flaking paintwork using modern techniques and products. She uses rabbit skin to stabilize loose gold leaf, and saves all the gilding chips. She does not use Pledge or a feather duster.

Who would have thought that Linda's introduction to restoration work began in the dentist's chair. She had barely finished Art College that day when Linda's dentist inquired, "Can you paint on glass?" Linda hopped straight from the dentist's chair to Boston's Museum of Fine Arts to find out about reverse painting! She was so intrigued by the idea of reverse painting that she served an apprenticeship at The Gilder's Workshop in Winchester MA, with Fran & Ted Burley. Linda now considers her work is aesthetically and historically significant, and deserving of the care and attention due any piece of fine art. They are delicate, and require maintenance to ensure their permanence, and correctly done the reverse painting retains or increases the value of the object. Linda works from her studio in Waltham, MA.

Before the forum began The Chapter President asked The Membership for a change in the bylaws to enable the 2nd. Vice president's position to be reelectable. The new wording in section 2, page 3 line 7 would read "A Member may serve as 2nd.VPresident, Secretary or Treasurer for indefinite number of terms" proposed by Joe Brown and seconded by Ted Cooley. The Membership approved on a voice vote.

John Stevens, the curator at Willard House and Museum appealed to the Members of Chapter Eight for volunteers to help out at the Museum. The tasks are varied from repairing clocks in the Museum Shop to maintenance work in the grounds and buildings. He also mentioned the possibility of Postage stamps bearing the Willard Family and asked that we all petition the Post Office. The Museum Telephone Number at the Museum is 5088393500.

Instead of the usual luncheon speaker, the format was changed for a slightly different presentation, Continuing the Willard Legacy, three well qualified horologists discussed the 30 hour Grafton clocks. From a family of twelve - four of whom, became clockmakers: Benjamin Jr., Simon, Ephraim and Aaron. Two of these, Benjamin Jr., and Ephraim, little is known. The two famous Willard clockmakers are Simon and Aaron.

Our panel consisted of Hershel Burt and Ken Pearson and the moderator was Joe Brown. Slides were displayed of early movements and the panel pointed out and discussed salient features of each movement The subject is limitless and our worthy panel only scratched the surface before lunch was served. However the panel will continue the review of the Willard Clockmakers at the second lecture of Robinson Sunday Afternoon Lectures at Willard House on June 29th at 2.00pm.

The final workshop of the day was An Overview of Wrist Watches presented by Dr. Edmond S.Cooley. Ted is no stranger to Chapter Eight, currently The Past President of The Chapter(Eight).Ted started at the beginning with answering some questions new wrist watch collectors ask from why should I care? to what is important to look for. He, or rather the Oxford English Dictionary defines "watch" as a small time piece orig. one with a springdriven movement, and of a size to be carried in the pocket; now also freq., a wristwatch (spring or battery driven).So they are like "little clocks"We talked terminology, types and important points of the wrist watch to consider. How to identify fakes and what to keep in mind when looking at watches. We discussed the dials and movements, the three fundamentals condition; condition, and condition.! Then there's the case these come in all sizes materials and gender -- then there's the condition! The presentation was for the beginner but suited the expert and plenty of discussion and questions.

For me it opened a whole new world, and I realized I've only been going to half a meeting! I thank you Ted for a visit into "Cooley's World of Watches.. "

Ted Cooley is Past President Of Chapter Eight; Director at Rip van winkle #40; member at Maine, rip van winkle greater boston and military horologists "if it ticks" Ted's interested.


Pictures From The April 12, 1997 Meeting

Past-president Ted Cooley
workshop presentation
"Collecting Wrist Watches"
(photos by Brian Wilcox)

Chapter 8 runs a large and busy mart.




PLACE: Holiday Inn, Boxborough. Mass. The hotel is located on the east side of Route I495 at Exit 28. Those desiring overnight lodging should contact the hotel directly at 5082638701.


7:30 AM Registration nametags available for those members who preregistered.

8:00 AM Mart area open for setup by table holders.

8:30 AM Mart opens.

9:30 AM Workshop Linda Abrams will present a program on preservation, repair and restoration of reverse-painted glasses. She will demonstrate and discuss all aspects of these fragile and beautiful pieces of antique art.

11:30 AM Mart room closes for luncheon break.

11 :45 AM Luncheon program will be a group of individuals who have a great depth of experience and knowledge in early Willard clocks, in particular the earliest group known as Grafton 30hour clocks to include wall, shelf and tall clocks. These clocks are clear examples of the clockmaking art during the early Willard years and his interactive genius in producing and changing them to meet new circumstances.

12:30 PM Lunch and social hour.

1:30 PM Mart room reopens until 3 PM.

1:45 PM Workshop Past-president Ted Cooley will present an introduction to wristwatch collecting. He will discuss what features to look for, comparisons of American and Swiss makes, and how to determine quality.

THE PRESIDENT'S CORNER BOB MERRILL: Thank you for your continuing support of Chapter 8 meetings and format. Your officers and council are determined to do whatever is required to continue improving the quality and content. However, we cannot do it alone and we always solicit your input and help... Due to our inability to find another hotel and date, our October meeting still will be held at Boxborough on October 11. Our apologies to those of you who cannot attend due to the Yom Kippur observance.....

Please note and support the need for a change to our bylaws.

VICE PRESIDENT AND PROGRAM CHAIRMAN'S MESSAGE: We continue our celebration of the Willard year with an in-depth look at Grafton clocks. Future meetings will cover timepieces, astronomical clocks, and apprentices. Our after lunch program of introductory workshops continues with wristwatches. With suggestions for other workshop subjects, please contact any of our officers --- you know, the guys in the green hats.

SECRETARY'S MESSAGE: Your council is proposing a change to the bylaws to allow our 2nd Vice President position to be re-electable. We hope you can support this change when the vote comes up during the meeting. The new wording to section 2, page 3, line 7 would read "A member may serve as 2nd VP, secretary or treasurer for an indefinite number of terms. ".... I also must report that our new 1 st VP, David Newsom, has resigned due to a serious illness within his family. We are actively seeking a replacement and would welcome your suggestions.

TREASURER'S NOTE: You will note that the charge for mart tables is increasing slightly to $20. This is required since the costs of the mart room, table rental, and room security all have increased. Our policy is to ensure that the general membership does not support the costs of running the mart.

SHARE A LOOK AT YOUR COLLECTION: Are you interested in presenting a display of clocks, watches, tools or other horological items at a future Chapter 8 meeting? This would be a display of items for educational purposes only, and not for sale. If you are willing and able to provide such an educational display, contact Chapter Director Bill Eberly for details at (207) 8335452 or RR1, Box 489, Harpswell, Me 04079

SYMPOSIUM: Since the NAWCC seminar is taking place October 23-26 in Bristol, CT, we will not be presenting a Fall symposium this year. Instead, we will be supporting National's event and encouraging all our members to attend

NEXT MEETING: June 14, 1997, Boxborough, MA

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