New England Chapter No. 8 NAWCC

Highlights of 1999 Early Summer Meeting
by Brian Wilcox
photos by Bob Frishman

The Chapter meeting was held at The Holiday Inn, Boxborough Woods, Massachusetts on Saturday June !2,1999

190 members and guests attended and there were 70 tables plus regular tables representing Chapter Eight, Willard house and the silent auction .The turnout was a little below average, probably due to the fine weather and the time of year.

Chapter Eight member Jim Moss presented the morning workshop "Coming Clean with Cleaning Solutions.", provided an in depth historical examination of clock-cleaning methods and chemicals. with focus on the short and long-term effects of ammoniated cleaners, and the future of cleaning solutions. According to Moss, "It is time to consider the effects that ammoniated solutions could be having on the longevity of our Horological objects,and to re-think the philosophies of the cleaning process." The presentation was professional and comprehensive with all the sources and references provided. Moss uses the "American Society For Metals Handbook" to define Stress Corrosion Cracking.

We began with the early foundry methods and the characteristics of brass; how it was formed and its impurities and imperfections. The use of cleaning solutions that contain ammonia and its effect on work hardened brass which could damage the objects we are trying to preserve. Moss claims that " the effect that ammonia can have on hardened brass is no longer a debatable issue-"-it is a fact" and it is difficult to determine what clock parts are immune to the use of ammonia ," so why take a chance. "Historical methods on clock cleaning were discussed. Safe solutions were discussed "To all of us that love that bright clean look that ammoniated solutions give, this should give us much to think about whether we become believers or not." Moss, the seemly "lone crusader" in his fight against ammonia solutions on hardened brass, continues to carry his message with an impassioned plea for all to act and call for an alternative for a solution that would preserve our artifacts rather than destroy them."

The Luncheon Speaker was Bruce Perkins of Washington, D.C. Bruce is a National expert on insuring fine-art collections. He also presented the afternoon workshop , reviewing and advising members on personal coverage and polices of our Horological treasures.

Bruce Perkins gave an interesting and well re-received talk on insurance, basically providing the essential of "Fine art" insurance. He noted that clocks come under this category, but watches are considered jewelry with much higher insurance premiums. He urged us all to discuss with our insurance agents about coverages, providing lists and appraisal of our collection items. explaining that we should have "All risk'" coverage, and all items should have an agreed value which the insurer accepts and will pay if there is a loss. Be sure that breakage is covered, especially since many claims arise when items are damaged or lost in transit. He noted that good policies have coverage for new acquisitions, providing a 90 day period when newly purchased items are covered without being first specifically listed with the insurance company, noting too, that these policies usually are "first dollar", meaning no deductibles. Many of Perkins 's new clients come to him after experiencing a loss and then unsatisfactory service from insurance agencies not experience with fine art coverage. A regular homeowners policy is not adequate for members antiques and valuables.

The Chapter's Ninth Annual Educational Symposium will take place at the Peabody Essex Museum, One of New England's finest museums, located in Salem, Massachusetts, on Saturday November 6th. The program is entitled "When our Antique Clocks Were New." It will present a program about the first makers, owners and home settings of early Boston area timekeepers, as well as special tours of the museum.

Chapter Eight will be celebrating its 50th, Anniversary in the year 2000 and the Council will be planning as special event for this great occasion . The Educational Chair, Bob Frishman's plans for Chapter Events up until November 18, 2000 are nearly complete-----watch for more surprising details.

* * *


Holiday Inn at Boxborough Woods, Massachusetts

Holiday Inn, Boxborough Woods, Massachusetts. The Hotel is located on the east side of Route 1-495 at exit 28. Those desiring overnight lodging should contact the hotel directly at 978-263-8701.

The Chapter hospitality suite will be open on Friday, at 5.00pm -- ask at the front desk.

Registrations before June 7, 1999 are $18.
Registrations received after June 7, 1999 and "walk-ins" will be $25.
As always, registration includes your luncheon and is required for participation in any of the meeting activities.

7:30 AM Registration name tags available for those members who preregistered.
Registration table open for "walk-ins".
8:00 AM Mart area open for setup by table holders. Security on duty.
8:30 AM Mart opens.
09:45 AM Morning workshop: Jim Moss, "Coming Clean with Cleaning Solutions."
Jim Moss, a Chapter Eight Member, will provide an in-depth historical examination of clock-cleaning methods and chemicals. He will focus on the short and long-term effects of ammoniated cleaners, and will discuss the future of cleaning solutions.
11:30 AM Mart room closes for luncheon break. Mart security remains "in place"
"Insuring Your Clocks & Watches: Is your Collection really protected?"
The Luncheon Speaker is Bruce Perkins of Washington, D.C. Bruce is a National expert on insuring fine-art collections, and will provide the fundamentals of covering our Horological treasures.
1:00 PM Afternoon workshop: "Eyes-on Session with Bruce Perkins."
Here's your chance to ask insurance questions raised by the speaker at lunch. He also will be happy to review and advise you on your personal coverage and polices.
3:00 PM Mart closes - Mart security ends.

The Presidents Corner--Larry Chelmow

It's hard to believe it's May already. This newsletter outlines two very fine events- our regular June meeting and the annual Willard workshop. We're hoping for a good turnout for both events as the programs contain something of interest for everyone. If there are any members who have never been to the Willard House and Clock Museum, the workshop presents an excellent opportunity to not only participate in a fine program but also tour the house and museum.

We are still trying to get some understanding about the decline of the membership in Chapter 8 this year. Is it cost, our programs, mart content, or any other reasons? Please speak with Chapter Officers and Council Members if you have any ideas. We want constructive criticism and the bad news, so to say, and we will listen.

As always, please feel free to call me with any inputs, problems, etc. My telephone number is (781) 828 - 1626.

Speaker Biographies at today's meeting:

Jim Moss a Professional Associate of the American Institute for the Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works, has been in full time private practice as a Horological restorer since 1969 .He is a director of the New England Conservators Association. He has lectured for many years on the technical aspects of clock repair and restoration . He holds an ASEE from Wentworth Institute and serves as a consultant on micro-mechanical mechanisms to the Arthur D. Little Corporation.

Bruce Perkins is President of Flather & Perkins, Inc. which specializes in insuring many of the finest museums, collections and fine art dealers in the United States. Clients include The White House Collection,Boscobel,The Blair House,Donald Sack ,Leigh Keno and Ronald Bourgeault.He also serves on the Board Of Trustees for the Winterthur Museum,he is Treasurer of the Board of Governors of the Decorative Arts Trust and is a member of the Visiting Committee if the Peabody & Essex Museum.He is an avid third generation collector of 18th and early 19th century American furniture, ceramics, prints and glass.

Chapter Eight's NEW SILENT AUCTION !
Here's a new easy way to buy and sell Horological treasures at our Mart. We will provide a "Silent Auction" table and a bid sheet for each item displayed. Sellers, pay $5 for the bid sheet, write the item description and a minimum bid. Buyers can then write larger bids. At 11:15 when the auction ends, Sellers and high bidders settle directly. Plan to bring an item and sell it.

RAFFLE :-Open to all Registered Members --no walks-ins
prize :- one meeting registration and one free mart table.
the drawing open to all registered members.(no walk-ins)
must be present to win --non-transferable

Program for 1999:
June 5,1999
-Seventh Annual Horological Workshop at The Willard House & Clock Museum at Grafton Massachusetts
August 7 1999 Chapter meeting; at The Holiday Inn at Boxboro MA.
The Fall Educational Symposium, date and location still open.
October 9 1999 Chapter meeting; at The Holiday Inn at Boxboro MA.a

Mark your calendars now

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